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Pall Friction-Dampers

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The development of Pall friction-dampers was pioneered in the late
seventies. These dampers have successfully gone through rigorous proof
testing on shake tables at the University of California (1987) and at the
University of British Columbia (1985). Pall friction-dampers have been used
in more than 30 projects of new construction as well as retrofit of existing
buildings in Canada and the U.S.  Several more are under construction or in
the design phase.

Pall friction-dampers are simple and fool proof in construction. Basically,
these consist of a series of specially treated steel plates clamped together
to develop very reliable friction. Their performance is reliable, repeatable
and they possess large rectangular hysteresis loops with negligible fade.
They are not temperature or velocity dependent. For a given force level, a
much greater quantity of energy can be dissipated in friction than any other
method so fewer Pall friction-damping devices are required to dissipate
seismic energy.  These are designed not to slip during wind.  During a major
earthquake, the dampers slip before yielding of structural members.  After
the earthquake, the strain energy of the structure forces the dampers to
near original alignment.  There is nothing to damage or leak, hence they
need no maintenance, repair or replacement after the earthquake.

Patented Pall friction-dampers are available for bracing in framed
buildings: tension cross bracing, tension/compression single diagonal
bracing, and chevron bracing. Pall friction-connectors are also available
for frame cladding, and for use at expansion joint of adjacent buildings to
avoid pounding.

Buildings with friction dampers require the use of nonlinear time history
dynamic analysis. Several computer programs such as DRAIN-2DX, DRAIN-3DX,
DRAIN-TABS, E-TABS (nonlinear), SAP2000 etc. are available.  Modeling of
Pall friction-dampers is very easy.  Since the hysteretic loop of Pall
friction-damper is similar to rectangular loop of an ideal elasto-plastic
material, the dampers are modeled as a plastic element.  Slip load
represents fictitious yield force.  FEMA 273 /274 ?NEHRP Guidelines for the
Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings? provide guidelines on the analysis of
buildings with friction-dampers.


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