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RE: Political Issues

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Well, it's true there ARE no "First Amendment Rights" on a private forum such as this.  Whoever owns the list has the absolute authority to ban ANY discussions he feels are anathemic to the intent of the list.

I apologize if I've transgressed the rules.  I thought I remembered that we had decided that *some* non-engineering related discussions were permissible.  If *THE TOPIC* of the day is off limits, though, then I guess everything should be.

For myself, I most enjoy discussing current events and philosophical matters with people who are "like me" in one way or another, whether through the same religious faith--I participate on a discussion list for that--or educational/professional persuasion.

Again, I'm sorry if I transgressed the rules.  However, as a parting shot, I find it interesting that the best arguments that can be brought against what I had to say were ad hominem attacks, insinuating that I was some sort of "right-wing nut" living in a cabin in Montana somewhere.  The double standard is apparent, in that case.

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As usual any attempt to limit topics on this list server is interpreted as
an infringement of everyone's 1st amendment rights. Don't any of this people
that feel the need to express themselves on this list have co-workers or
spouses that can listen to their rants. 
Chris Wood PE, SE