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RE: Political Issues

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I apologize if I contributed in any way to rules infractions.  I thought I remembered that *some* discussion of things other than structural engineering was permissible, but perhaps I was mistaken.

I support your right, as the administrator of this list, to make rules in this regard.  There are, after all, many other places on the net where we can discuss this and other topics.

I run a private mailing list that is devoted to a particular topic myself, and I wouldn't permit discussions of the Starr report or other "off topic" threads, either.

Again, I apologize if I misunderstood the rules.

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I am personally a BIG supporter of free speech. Creation of this list a
good example of my beliefs.

However, we must not forget the purpose of this list.
I have joined several lists that are currently discussing the STARR report.
I express my opinions there, freely. No one is offended, because that is
the purpose of those lists.

Hope that helps.


p.s. I am just doing my job.

At 9/14/98 05:59 PM, you wrote:
>After receiving your message I find I must respectfully protest.  We are
>professionals and should be able to site our views and opinions simply
>as views and opinions.  One of the major problems today are a few who
>claim to represent "mainstream society" are telling the rest of us not
>only what to think but how to think about it!  I am getting very tired
>of a few individuals on this list dictating to us what can be said and
>how it can be said!
>My disappointment in this area is not directed at Shafat, it is directed
>at the rest of the narrow minded members of this list who simply can't
>stand to hear an opinion on other than structural engineering which
>differs from their sacred beliefs.  I say, to all of those who agree
>with Starr or disagree with Starr it makes no difference.  You have the
>right to express your opinion as long as you don't expect the rest of us
>to accept it as fact.  To those who have complained about expressing
>political opinions on this list, I say, grow up!  What has made the US
>strong is the ability to discuss opinions in an open forum.
>In the last few months the minority of list members have dictated to the
>rest of us the topics which can be discussed on this list.  I say it is
>time to stop this kind of censorship!  We are all adults and can stand
>to listen to differing opinions.  There is much more to life than
>Structural Engineering.  We have a forum of individuals with a common
>background so what better venue to express our opinions on the world.
>My $.02 worth!!!!!
>Richard Ranous