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How to Perpetuate an Unwanted Thread

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It has been my observation that the best way to perpetuate an unwanted thread 
is to:

1.    Post a message saying that the subject is inappropriate for this 

2.    Post a message questioning the intelligence, education and heritage of 
the original poster.

3.    Post a message saying that the poster objecting to the original post 
has questionable intelligence, education, and heritage.

4.    Post a message saying that both are out of line.

5.    Post a message agreeing with any of the previous posts.

6.    Post a message disagreeing with any of the previous posts.

7.    Post a message in support of Wildwoman.

8.    Post a joke.  (A *true* joke, not a vilification.)

9.    Shafat post a message asking everybody to cease and desist.

While, I suspect, anyone would be free to add to or comment on this list, I 
am not inviting it.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona