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RE: Re: Political Issues

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This depends upon which side of the issue you are on. My opinion of
intellegent debate is to express opinions based upon facts with the hopes
that both sides might find a common solution to the differences.
I have not participated in this discussion on the list since I believe, from
reviewing every post, that the opinions stated have not been issues which
either side is willing to be comprimised. Therefore it leads only to
individual statements of opinion and does nothing to bring the two sides
closer together.
Rick Ranous post as well as those of Charles Greenlaw assume that the debate
between each side of the issue can lead to a modicum of understanding that
might bridge the gap that exists between the parties. I personally feel that
these posts have been nothing but attacks at partisan issues. I also find
that the opinions try to further associate a political party with a certain
moral value - something I disagree with and believe to be a dangerous
With that said, I do not feel that this topic should continue on this list.

Remember that I was one of the few who detested he idea of censurship when
the issue was flooding the list with jokes. The issue was not whether the
jokes were offensive or not, but rather than they dominated the list and
were considered a nusance to large companies that distribute our posts on
their network. With respect to these companies, Shafat requested that the
non-engineering topics be taken off this list. I protested but ended up
yielding to majority responses supporting Shafat's decision. Again I must
respect the desire of the majority who responded to this thread and find it
inappropriate for this list. This does not stop those who wish the debate to
continue. Simply create an email group and let other know who may wish to
join the private group.

Dennis Wish PE

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seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Many of even the most tolerant people would be offended by this post, and
yet he could turn around and use the same "free speech" argument that you

In order to keep the list alive and healthy, I think we must in fact
restrain ourselves to engineering issues.  To do otherwise would probably
mean the death of the list.



I think there is a big difference between posting your opinion on a subject
and posting something that you know directly offends someone else.  The kind
of jokes you posted are aimed at cruelty to others, not expressing an
opinion.  I think you have stretched free speech too far and are trying to
scare us into not expressing our opinion.

Opinions and convictions are one thing, but cruel blasphemous material is

We are adults and all should behave accordingly.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
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