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RE: Re: Political Issues

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This depends upon which side of the issue you are on. My opinion of
intellegent debate is to express opinions based upon facts with the hopes
that both sides might find a common solution to the differences.

[Bill Polhemus]  

I did a little debating in high school.  I don't remember this being one of the "aims" of the debate per se.

The fact is, human nature being what it is, be are all liable to "filter" whatever information we are presented through our personal biases and predilections, and it is rare that those holding opposing views can come to an agreement vis a vis a "common solution to the differences."

In short, I think this unrealistic and totally beside the point.

In fact, MY main objective in debate is--to have an audience!  I don't debate one-on-one, because then to me there is really no point.  If I want to express my disagreement with someone else's point of view just to hear myself talk (for it is nearly certain that the "other guy" is not really going to be listening to my arguments no matter how well-thought-out), then I'll yell at the talking heads on TV during the news--and make no mistake, I have been known to do this on occasion.

No, my objective is to "impress" bystanders with my arguments so that they, not really having given these things nearly as much thought as I or my opponent, will become better informed as a result.  And, haply, as a result they will see things MY way, and I will have won converts to my righteous cause.

THAT is the purpose of debate.  NOT to come to some sort of consensus, for unhappily in our day there is very little room for it; the difference between "right" and "left" has become much to wide, and speaking for myself I can't easily accomodate nor make room for what I see as patently "evil."  BUT to convince people that I am right, and the others wrong, and thereby help bring some more sense and sensibility to this world than was there previous to the discussion.