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RE: Political Issues

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No, post a request for "intelligent opinions and discussions" and give your 
private email address, or the address of another listserve that appreciates 
those topics.

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You made my point exactly--you don't want to hear discussions on anything 
than engineering topics--so these other topics can not be discussed.  You 
telling me when and where I can discuss my opinions.  What happens if I 
wish to
solicit the opinions of my peers?  Does that mean I can only discuss with 
officemates because you do not wish to hear it?

Bill Sherman wrote:

> Richard Ranous wrote:
> >After receiving your message I find I must respectfully protest.  We are
> professionals and should be able to site our views and opinions simply as
> views and opinions. <
> If we are free to cite our views and opinions on any subject on this 
> the
> purpose of this list will be destroyed.  The whole idea of having
> subject-specific forums for discussion is to allow discussion to 
> in one area and not be inundated with off-topic discussions.
> > One of the major problems today are a few who claim to represent
> "mainstream
> society" are telling the rest of us not only what to think but how to 
> about it!  I am getting very tired of a few individuals on this list
> dictating
> to us what can be said and how it can be said!  My disappointment in this
> area
> is not directed at Shafat, it is directed at the rest of the narrow 
> members of this list who simply can't stand to hear an opinion on other 
> structural engineering which differs from their sacred beliefs.  <
> How is limiting discussion to engineering issues "telling you what to 
> and how to think about it"?  Personally, I don't want to hear discussion 
> Starr's report here, whether the writer agrees with my position or not.
> This
> is simply not the forum for that discussion.  I've heard plenty of 
> opinions in other media - can't we have a "safe haven" where we don't 
> to
> hear all this political commentary?
> >You have the right to express your opinion as long as you don't expect 
> rest of us to accept it as fact.  To those who have complained about
> expressing
> political opinions on this list, I say, grow up!  What has made the US
> strong is the ability to discuss opinions in an open forum. <
> Freedom of speech has never meant that you can express your opinion 
> and wherever you want.  (For example, heckling a speaker is not 
> free speech.)  Using freedom of speech also requires responsibility in 
> you
> use it.  (I've expressed my opinion on the Starr report elsewhere as well 
> in
> an email to the White House.)
> Shafat - thank you for your attempts to keep this listserver on topic.