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RE: I want return to this E-mail list PLEASE, Thank you.....

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In my September 12 post in response to Michelle Trzecinski's , I had
absolutely no intention of insulting her or anybody else. After receiving
hints from some people on the list server that my post was critical of
people whose primary language was other than English, I send a private
message  to Michelle apologizing just in case I had inadvertently insulted
Since then, we have had a few private e-mails and everything seems to be

I immigrated to the United States from Iran as a young man right after
finishing high school. When I arrived all alone in New York aboard the ship
S.S.U.S,  I, too didn't know how to speak English.  So I know indeed what
it is
like and I should be the last person who needs to be lectured on this

I could go on and write more....but right now I am behind in my work and I
several "revised" deadlines which I have to meet. Besides there are more
and important issues and news outside. So goodbye for now.

J. Karim Hosseinzadeh, SE