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RE: Protection of Steel

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See below.

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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Subject:	Protection of Steel

I could use some help with this problem. I have two sumps at the bottom
of a small pond like structure. The water will have a low Chloride
content ( Parts per Million (PPM) to come later ). Is there a cutoff on
PPM of Chloride where Galvanized steel will not do the job of protecting
the carbon steel grating supports? 
[Harold Sprague]  Not that I am aware of.

I need to use Fiber Glass grating for
weight. Which is cheaper in general Stainless Steel or Fiber Glass
structural shapes? 
[Harold Sprague]  Fiberglass, unless the loads are unusually high.

Does anyone have a reference for coating to be used
under "extreme Conditions"?
[Harold Sprague]  You will have to define the "extreme conditions" (i.e. corrosive agents, abrasion, impact loads, explosive conditions, thermal extremes, UV exposure?).  And is it a concrete coating or a metalic coating.

Acie Chance