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Re: UBC 97 Alternate Basic Load Combinations

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Ugh, thought so, too. Now, I really have to increase my sections. Thanks.

The UBC 97 Errata at the ICBO website apparently missed this.


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Subject: UBC 97 Alternate Basic Load Combinations
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Date:    15/09/98 4:17 PM

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>Subject: UBC 97 Alternate Basic Load Combinations >
>UBC 97 1612.3.2 on Alternate basic load combinations states that
>"... a one third increase shall be permitted in allowable stresses for all > combinations, including W or E."
>Notice the comma between the words COMBINATION & INCLUDING. Is that >suppose to be there? Shouldn't this be "...FOR ALL COMBINATIONS THAT >INCLUDES W or E."?
>If not, then does that mean that for Equations 12-12,12-14,12-15, >there is an allowed overstressing of 33 percent? Hypothetically, what >if I do not have roof, wind or snow load? Does it mean then that (D + >L) < 1.33*Allowable?
>Hope you can explain it. Thanks.

The comma is an error. It should read "... for all combinations including W or E." That is, for all combinations that include a Wind or Earthquake term. Just as in the previous code, it is not appropriate to allow a one-third stress increase to combinations that contain only Dead, Live, and/or Roof loads (such as Eq. (12-12)).

Allen Adams, S.E.
RAM International