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RE: Slab on grade joint repair

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That section doesn't apply to slabs on grade.

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This might be water under the bridge, but how come that the spacing exceeds 
the provision of ACI of 18" maximum spacing?


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Subject: Slab on grade joint repair
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I need some information and ideas on repairing spalling at the construction 
and control joints in an existing concrete slab on grade.  The slab is 
about 7 years old and 6" thick 4000psi concrete with #4s @ 24"
o/c E/W.  The control joints are cut in 15 feet square to a depth of 1 1/2" 
deep and filled with an elastic joint filler. Ever since the client 
switched from pneumatic tire to hard tire forklifts
there has been noticeably cracking at the joints. The capacity of the old & 
new lifts and the loads they carry are identical. Has anyone had this 
experience and what was the method of repair, did it
hold after some months of being exposed to traffic?
Also is there a reference were one can compare impact loading between 
pneumatic and solid tire lifts?

Thanks Joe Murar

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