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Re: Residential Engineers and Architects Council on Housing

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MHO as an outsider but seeing the same need here in Canada.
>1. Is it appropriate to open our present list to Architects and non-professionals in the building industry who wish to participate in discussions related to construction (any type of construction)?
Yes, if the discussion is similar to the present to and fro.  No, if it becomes a battle of wills betweeen parties on different planes of thought.
>2. Should SEAint work with NAHB on establishing a web and listservice presence so that we can keep issues that involve engineering closer to home?
The concept of another listserver seems to be adding more tasks to be handled.  If possible this could be woven into the present one subject to the "No" comment.
>3. The problems we have discussed with conventional framing are due, in part, to the lack of voting power on the floor of ICBO. NAHB is a political organization with clout. The NAHB prepared the research work for AISI which was adopted as the Cold-form Steel design section of the '97 UBC. This was done with the help of LGSEA but was organized by NAHB. It seems important to me, should we be able to propose revised prescriptive codes that we have the support of NAHB who is closely linked to other building associations as well as the AIA. Because of this, should SEAint take an active interest in the work done by this organization?
Inclusion of those who have the political influence into relevant discussion as you do now will at the very least add perspective to their decision-making.  I suggest inclusion first and then "educate" (?) the lines of influence.
I will follow this thread with interest.

Thor A. Tandy   P.Eng,  MCSCE,  MIPENZ
Victoria, BC, Canada
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