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RE: Computer Address Book

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We recently upgraded to Outlook.  As a user, the change was painless.  I 
use it for my mail lists and it works very well (but back-up is dubious) 
The administrators made the change fairly quickly and there were few 
glitches, but can't answer for them how difficult it was.

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Subject:	Computer Address Book

To my fellow computerized engineers:

We are looking to upgrade / change our address book program on the computer 
Windows 95 based PC system).  Currently, we use Office Accelerator, which 
adequate, but not great, and I'm not sure they have a new version out.

I have looked at Microsoft Outlook, but am not convinced.  Several people 
mentioned Act, but I have not tried it yet.  Before we spend all the time 
energy converting to a new program, I was wondering if anyone had any input 
war stories they would like to share.

Generally, we are looking for something that will be used primarily as an
address book, but should be able to work well with our word processor (Word

Thanks in advance for your input.

Bruce Resnick, S.E.
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.