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RE: Protection of Steel

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I would check out the link  It is very good and has a tutorial on corrosion.  PSI (the testing lab) also produces a good guide on corrosion.  Also check out the National Association of Corrosion Engineers at  NACE has a huge listing of references.

If the corrosive agents do not corrode zinc, use galvanizing or a duplex coating.  If they do, then you need to look probably at a coal tar epoxy, aliphatic polyurethane, or modified polyamide epoxy coating.  If it will be exposed to sunlight, the coating must be UV resistant.  Typical epoxies will chalk, which may or may not be a problem.  Select the general type of coating that you want and contact the manufacturers like Tnemec, Carboline, Ameron.

If you consider fiberglass or stainless steel as in your previous post, be sure to contact the manufacturer of the fiberglass to verify corrosive resistance and UV stabilization.  Stainless steels are good to resist corrosion, but be careful on which steel you select.  A 304 stainless will pit with salt water, but at the other end Carpenter 20 stainless is used to pipe sulfuric acid.  The expense variation is huge.  Keep in mind also that corrosion is also a function of temperature.

I hope that this helps.

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My concern at this time is corrosive agents attacking support steel.
Steel in corrosive environments is a part of my education which could
use some work. A text on corrosion protection of steel would be a good
addition to my Library. Any suggestions ? The present design requires
the supports to be removable for maintenance therefor concrete is out.