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RE: Anyone Know Pascoe Building Systems?

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Please FAX me the page you have on 26 ga. roof panels.  You are a life
saver.  (I would have E-mailed this directly to you but the digest
version of the messages doesn't have your address.)

Paul F. Blomberg
Jacobs Engineering Group
Phoenix, AZ
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(602) 532-5250 FAX

From: "Horning, Dick/CVO" 
To: "'seaint(--nospam--at)'" 
Subject: RE: Anyone Know Pascoe Building Systems?

We have a catalog which apparently dates back to 10/72.  The only page
I could find with info on panels shows a chart of live load vs span. 
For 26 gage, based on Fb = 25000 psi, they show a curved line with
values of 
16 psf @ 8 feet
22      @ 7
32      @ 6
46      @ 5

If you wish, send a fax number and I can forward a copy of the chart.

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> Subject: 	Anyone Know Pascoe Building Systems?> 
> I've been tasked to evaluate adding some roof load to an existing
> pre-engineered building designed by Pascoe Building systems.  I'm
> looking for the load capacities of their 26 ga. roof panels.  I also
> need purlin section information if its around (I can analyze the
> purlins if needed.)> 
> I tried calling and faxing their phone numbers in Columbus, GA with no
> answer at either.  Does anyone now a different location (they used to
> be in California) or the properties of their roof panels circa
> Paul F. Blomberg> Jacobs Engineering Group> Phoenix, AZ> (602)
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