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Re: Location of footing reinforcement

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Very good reasons have already been suggested in favor of placing the 
longitudinal reinforcement at the bottom, in continuous strip footings. 
Other than the practical advantages of placement convenience, I feel one 
important reason that merits particular attention is that it enables the 
various transverse strips share the moments and shears.

Knowing that pressures under the foundations may be fairly non-uniform, 
depending upon the type of soil and the foundation-soil stiffness ratio, it 
is understandable that some load-sharing becomes inevitable. This factors 
is particularly important as we compute and provide reinforcement on the 
basis of average pressures distribution. If I correctly recall, something 
to this effect has already been suggested by someone, perhaps in respect of 
providing for bridging the uneven settlements. Hope this helps.

Rizwan Mirza
Lahore, Pakistan