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RE: Computer Address Book (Microsoft Fax )

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Yeah, OL express has some pros and cons (the pros being that it is free, has
mail and news and has a smaller footprint). OL 98 is the best I've seen
(I've bought, installed, tested and uninstalled WinFax, Eudora,
CorelCentral, etc. etc. etc.) but will take over 16mb of RAM (which pushed
me to 128mb on my machine). I have OL 98 in my startup and have it on all
the time. If I had the choice of buying WinFax and using my OL express or
buying OL 98 and using Microsoft fax, I would choose the latter. But, hey,
you've got lots of bucks and time to experiment, try everything and let me
know :o).

Bill Allen

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Subject: Re: Computer Address Book (Microsoft Fax )

Microsoft Fax came with my win98 notebook. I tried to use Microsoft Fax and
the worst part about it was that it would not access the address book for
outlook express which meant that I had to enter an all new address book just
for faxes. I called tech support and they concurred with me that I was not
loosing my mind. They did offer a work around but it was not good. Classic
Microsoft snafu. I was very impressed with how well office was integrated
with New Office Document, but this was very annoying for me. I called around
and found that most of my colleagues agreed that Microsoft Fax was a piece
of junk and that they preferred WinFax. In the mean time I am still faxing
the old fashioned way. Maybe I should considering changing over to


Jeff Smith
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Date: Thursday, September 17, 1998 6:02 AM
Subject: RE: Computer Address Book

>Thank God the program did it itself because these kinds of things are way
>over my head :o). I use Microsoft Fax which sends and receives faxes using
>MS Exchange. I am fairly certain you can set it up with any fax software
>especially since I believe Microsoft Fax is no longer supported (it doesn't
>ship with Win98) . Outlook uses the same file as Exchange (mailbox.pst or
>*.pst, depending on how you set it up). With regards to MS Word, you go to
>Tools, Options, Mail Format, Message Format and select MS Word. I do not
>MS Word as my e-mail editor because I was disappointed in that a lot of the
>formatting done using MS Word (like tables) is not kept in the message. I
>prefer HTML and, if I need a table, cut and paste from a Word doc. I have
>also done a mail merge using Word and Outlook and it works great (although
>this should be a simpler process). Outlook is really, really powerful and I
>admit to only scratching the surface with regards to its capabilities.
>Bill Allen