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RE: Lag screws

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You might check the NDS. Section 11.3 provides design information for
Lateral design of wood screws in single shear (wood to wood). NDS also
provides capacities where lag screws are used in place of wood screws. I
believe that a 1/4" lag screw would provide almost twice the lateral
capacity of a 16d nail depending upon depth of embeddment and the species of
wood you are connecting.
Another source with possibly more tables to use would be the AITC (American
Institute of Timber construction) manual. I remember at least one table for
different gauge screws and the lateral capacity by specific gravity of the
wood material.
You also might contact suppliers such as Hilti who provies documentation for
the screws used in their automated screw guns.

I'm sure others on this list can be of more direct help.

Dennis Wish PE

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Sent: Thursday, September 17, 1998 11:49 AM
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Subject: Lag screws

Hi Everyone

           Is there lag screw in the market
           I can use as  an alternate to 16d nail
           for sill plate nailing because the framer
           used 3x sill plate instead of 2x
           I know that #8 or 8d screw but are
           these in the market in different name ?!

thanks in advance

D.A. P.E.