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RE: Epoxy Anchor

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Hilti does not make a true epoxy.  HY150 is one of their better ones and is 
a urethane resin with a portland cement additive.  Getting good information 
from them as to temp stability and shrinkage is difficult.   Simpson makes 
a line of good epoxys (epoxies?) and can provide good backup info, but most 
adhesives do not perform well in elevated temperatures.  Why not use a 
mechanical (expansion) anchor?

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From:	James Lin [SMTP:se3949(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Thursday, September 17, 1998 2:04 PM
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Subject:	Epoxy Anchor

Project: Retrofit the existing concrete building (school job)
Location: Southern California
DSA correction: Use drilled and grout anchor bolts (instead of Hilti
Hit HY150) to fasten new steel ledgers to existing concrete walls
(Since raised temperature during fire will reduce the bond strength of
epoxy anchors)

We still like to use epoxy anchors for the following reasons
1. better quality control (for installation) over drilled and grout
2. less chance to cut the existing rebars

Any opinion/suggestion to response to DSA (Department of State
Architect of California)?

Thanks in advance

James Lin, S.E.
I. D. S.

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