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RE: Epoxy Anchor

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1.  Hilti does offer a two-component adhesive epoxy - HSE 2411.  It does
not currently have an ICBO ER.
2.  The Hilti HY 150 is a hybrid adhesive, consisting of a portland
cement formulated with a methacrylate resin, that performs better at
higher temperatures than epoxies.  Creep testing for HY 150 is conducted
at 176 degrees Fahrenheit.  ICBO requires creep testing at 110 degrees
Fahrenheit.  Results of long-term creep tests on HY 150 are available
upon request. 
3.  A graph showing the influence of temperature on bond strength for HY
150 is published in the Hilti Product Technical Guide.  Please contact
your local Hilti representative or call 1 800 879 8000 to receive a
Technical Guide.

Nishan Pethiyagoda

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> Hilti does not make a true epoxy.  HY150 is one of their better ones
> and is 
> a urethane resin with a portland cement additive.  Getting good
> information 
> from them as to temp stability and shrinkage is difficult.   Simpson
> makes 
> a line of good epoxys (epoxies?) and can provide good backup info, but
> most 
> adhesives do not perform well in elevated temperatures.  Why not use a
> mechanical (expansion) anchor?