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Lean concrete

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I had to fill two cesspools on a project several years ago.  Naturally, the 
cesspools occurred just where the footings went.  I didn't want to put dirt 
in the holes because it would have to be compacted --- and I didn't want 
anyone to have to go down in there to compact it and possibly cause the 
sides to cave in, so I specified 2,500 pound concrete and had them fill the 
holes.  I figured that the concrete, even without vibration, was stronger 
than any of the soil surrounding the old cesspools and that any ready-mix 
plant knows, or should know, what 2,500 pound concrete is.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Sam Chang wrote:

. > Need to fill thre 8'-deep pits that are housing floor scales.  Will need
. > about 400 cubic-yards of material to fill them.  Thinking of use lean
. > concrete to avoid the testing and inspection of compaction. (top 18"
. > must be concreted anyway.)
. > 
. > How to specify lean concrete that will be used for fill only?
. >