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Increased wind loads due to wall removal.

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Yet another question,

I have a project where the client wishes to remove approximately 150 
linear feet of storefront and replace it with a CMU wall.  The storefront 
is on two sides of the building and the rest of the building consists of 
precast concrete wall panels and and metal panels.  Our concern is the 
increase in wind pressure that one would have going from an enclosed 
building to a partially open building.  The increase in the coefficients 
is from 1 to 1.4 (we have a wind velocity of 80mph).  This is a sizable 
increase when the building roof system is steel joists (20H5) and girders 
(32G8N7k) especially with a tropical depression brewwing in the Gulf 
(Mexico).  We are in earthquake zone 0 (Albany, GA) so that I am not 
worried about.  Any ideas on how to cover ourselves?  Can we place a time 
limit on taking down the storefront and putting up the CMU?  Any joist 
people out there who can give me some ideas?