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RE: Peer Review for projects on soverign land

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> A plan checker is a an employee or sub-contractor to a local
> building department (local government employee) whose responsiblity
> it is to check construction documents for compliance to governing
> codes. Once the verification process is completed and any
> corrections made, a permit is issued which allows construction to
> begin. With few exceptions, this is required of all structures in
> the United States. This is a very broad definition and I'm sure
> there are jurisdictions in the states that have slightly different
> interpretations as to the responsiblity of the plan checker.
> However, this is a correct definition in most major cities.
> Dennis S. Wish PE
I agree, but would like to expand slightly. The obligation is to check
the plans and specifications to determine if the structure will
conform to or meet the minimum requirements of the governing codes, 
assuming the plans and specifications are followed. Because no set of 
plans and specifications ever details everything, this process 
requires that certain assumptions be made, ie standard practices will 
be followed. If the plan checker is satisfied, based upon a review of 
the plans and his or her knowledge of standard practices, that the 
structure most likely will conform, then a permit must be issued upon 
payment of all applicable fees. Otherwise, the permit must not be 

Where it becomes cloudy, is just how much must be shown on the 
plans or called for in the specifications and how much can safely be 
assumed. This will vary based upon the planchecker's knowledge and
experience and local policy.