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Differential settlement...

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Hello fellow Engineers,

Does any one have any advice or recommendations on where to look for
guidelines/parameters for acceptable differential settlement of a slab-on-
grade?  A manometer survey will be performed on a slab-on-grade of an existing
tilt-up building that was built approximately in 1972.  I'd like to gather
some additional literature on the subject.

I thought there was a string of messages recently regarding this subject but
was unable to access it in the SEAOC archive.

Thanks in advance for your comments.  

Michelle Kam-Biron, S.E.

P.S.  Thanks to all you engineers for your input on this list server.  I've
been following it (although not actively participated in it) for some time now
and have enjoyed the opinions of other engineers.  For a while there I thought
the list server was on a downward spiral to nowhere but as most engineers do
so well...its bounced back quite well!!! (Well, maybe except the string on
Clinton scandal...(don't we get enough of that from the media???  :-)   )