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Re: P-Delta analysis

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You run your usual load combinations but would now include your secondary moments arising from P-delta analysis. If you are using a software such as ETABS, SAP2000 or STAADIII, you just activate that mode in the run analysis.


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Subject: P-Delta analysis
Author:  MIME:junip(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    18/09/98 8:05 AM

Can any one suggest me with possible loads combination on analysis of framed building structures
regarding the requisites of codes, namely UBC or ACI? I intend to do the analysis and the dimensioning
of framed concrete members, if possible with the same input of loads combination, accounting for the second order effects.
The actions on the structure involves dead and live loads, effects of wind and seismic forces.

J. Ramos, CE