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RE: slab on grade joint repair

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By the way,  Metzger/McGuire'web site is
.   See there page on "Understanding Industrial Floor Joints"
Ed Marshall, PE

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> Subject:	slab on grade joint repair
> From: Joseph Murar <murarjm(--nospam--at)>
> Subject: Slab on grade joint repair
> I need some information and ideas on repairing spalling at the
> construction
> and control joints in an existing concrete slab on grade. =20
> The slab is about 7 years old and 6" thick 4000psi concrete with #4s @
> 24"
> o/c E/W.  The control joints are cut in 15 feet square to a depth of 1
> =BD"
> deep and filled with an elastic joint filler.=20
> Ever since the client switched from pneumatic tire to hard tire
> forklifts
> there has been noticeably cracking at the joints. The capacity of the
> old &
> new lifts and the loads they carry are identical.=20
> Has anyone had this experience and what was the method of repair, did
> it
> hold after some months of being exposed to traffic?
> Also is there a reference were one can compare impact loading between
> pneumatic and solid tire lifts?
> Metzger/McGuire Co. makes a heavy duty joint filler for that type of
> application. They are in Concord NH  (800) 223-6680
> Roger Davis
> SDS Architects, Inc.