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diffential settlement- Reply

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As far as I know, there are no performance criteria for settlement of
slabs on grade for tilt-up construction.  There have been some criteria
developed for settlement (slope) of slabs on grade for residential
construction.  These may not be applicable because they deal with
damage to gypsum wallboard walls due to the slope of the floor.

There are flatness and levelness ratings (f-numbers) that are applied
for new construction, but I would not use these to evaluate a 26 year
old structure.

The only real criteria for evaluating slabs on grade is functionality.  If the
slope causes a problem with how the building is being used, then the
slope is not acceptable.

Original message:
Does any one have any advice or recommendations on where to look
guidelines/parameters for acceptable differential settlement of a
grade?  A manometer survey will be performed on a slab-on-grade of
an existing
tilt-up building that was built approximately in 1972.  I'd like to gather
some additional literature on the subject.

I thought there was a string of messages recently regarding this subject
was unable to access it in the SEAOC archive.