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RE: Steel ASTM

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On September 4, 1998, I received a telephone reply from Dave McGee of
AISC to a question regarding availability of enhanced ASTM A572 Grade 50
steel which I had originally directed to the SEAINT bulletin board and
to Abraham Rokach of AISC .

Dave stated that "Enhanced ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel, per AISC Technical
Bulletin No. 3" is readily available at no extra cost.  ASTM is expected
to issue the specification for ASTM A992 steel later this month.  This
new specification is the same as that for "Enhanced ASTM A572 Grade 50
steel, per AISC Technical Bulletin No. 3".  He said that both Chaparral
and Nucor have been producing steel to the enhanced specification for
the past year.  He says it should be readily available from service
centers.  He strongly recommends that steel meeting the enhanced
specification be specified until ASTM A992 is issued by ASTM and then
specify that steel. 

AISC has the following on their web site:

AISC MARKETING, INC. Recommends the following for your design and
specification of structural steel:
Wide Flange Shapes                        ASTM A572 Grade 50 Enhanced
per AISC Technical Bulletin Number 3	
Angle and Channel Shapes               ASTM A36	
Plate                                               ASTM A36 
Note: These material specifications will result in the most economical
steel framed structure by providing high strength to weight section
ratios, well defined material properties and readily available material
from both the mills and service centers. 
A link to Bulletin Number 3 is

Ed Marshall,  PE
Simons Engineering,

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> I know that this has been covered before, but...
> What is the new ASTM designation for rolled wide flange shapes, 50ksi,
> and has it been adopted yet?  What should be specified?
> Thanx