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RE: Handicap Wood Ramp Detail

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Could you bury the stringers in the ground (using treated wood) and run the
decking down to ground level? 

A support member, similar to a step tread, could be framed just below the
deck to distribute the load to the ground surface? 

Hal Riddle, P.E.

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> Subject:	Handicap Wood Ramp Detail
> I am working on a handicap ramp made of wood.  It has to have a maximum
> slope
> of 1:12 for ADA.  The question I have is how to detail the bottom of the
> ramp
> where it meets the ground.  Since the ramp has such a slight slope, the
> stringers die into the ground.  Let me illustrate.  If I have a 2x8 side
> stringer sloping down supporting the edge of deck it will be in contact
> (or
> have a taper cut) for 7 to 8 feet at the bottom of the ramp.
> How are wood ramps usually detailed at the base of the ramp to provide
> support, but I assume, no contact with the ground?  Is a long slab of
> concrete poured under it?
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