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RE: HUMOR: More Funny how things come back to haunt

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Bill, I too was wrong to respond since Shafat was clear when he asked that
we keep this discussion off the list under consideration to those who
distribute to a great number of individuals on office networks.
If you care to respond to me privately, I'll be happy to continue, but
please be forewarned that I would want to take a postition that arguments be
supported by some fact (polls, laws, etc) and that if you have opinions, you
preface them as such.
I apologize to all who find this unnecessary on our list.
Dennis Wish

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Subject: Re: HUMOR: More Funny how things come back to haunt

Well, for my part, I apologize for rising to the bait.  I admit to being a
weary of this topic, both here and in "Euclidean space."  I'm impatient for
it to
be over, but at the same time fearful that a great injustice will be
committed if
these acts were ignored.

I'll go back into "lurk" mode.

Rlfong(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Gentlemen:
> No FLAME wars please.  There is imprecision in the written word given some
> analyst's opinion that we get 55% of our communications from nonverbal
> signals.  I meant to post those quotes because they seem ironic, not
because I
> necessarily agree with either side.
> 'nuff said.
> Ron Fong
> Fremont,  CA