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Re: Differential settlement...

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I may be able to help you depending on what you need.  I am not aware
of specific articles on differential support settlement relating
directly to slabs-on-grade.

(By the way, I would love to read thoses messages regarding
differential support settlement that you talked about.)

I completed a part-time M.A.Sc. which delt with differential
settlement of bridges. During my literature search, I found that there
is not much specific information on the subject and only general
information.  My thesis dealt with the superimposition of stresses in
multi-span semi-continueous bridges with staged construction caused by
the following:

- differential support settlement, and
- all other stresses typically present that are caused by applied
laods and prestressing (including losses).

Lets just say I beat the subject to death.

I may be of some help if you are at the point where you need more
general information.


Todd Springer, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Senior Structural Engineer

DS-Lea Assocaites Ltd.
251 Consumers Road, Suite 1200
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 4R3, Canada

(416) 490-8887, ext. 251

---Structeng1(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Hello fellow Engineers,
> Does any one have any advice or recommendations on where to look for
> guidelines/parameters for acceptable differential settlement of a
> grade?  A manometer survey will be performed on a slab-on-grade of
an existing
> tilt-up building that was built approximately in 1972.  I'd like to
> some additional literature on the subject.
> I thought there was a string of messages recently regarding this
subject but
> was unable to access it in the SEAOC archive.
> Thanks in advance for your comments.  
> Michelle Kam-Biron, S.E.
> P.S.  Thanks to all you engineers for your input on this list
server.  I've
> been following it (although not actively participated in it) for
some time now
> and have enjoyed the opinions of other engineers.  For a while there
I thought
> the list server was on a downward spiral to nowhere but as most
engineers do
> so well...its bounced back quite well!!! (Well, maybe except the
string on
> Clinton scandal...(don't we get enough of that from the media??? 
:-)   )

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