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RE: 316 Stainless values

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For straight Type 316, I use 30 ksi for yield and 75 ksi for tensile
stresses.  For applications requiring welding, Type 316L is better, but the
values are 25 ksi and 70 ksi respectively.  A good source if you have access
to it is the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Division 1,
Table UHA-23.   There are a number of ASTM specs that apply, depending on
the form you are using (e.g., plate, tube, etc.).  Also, elastic modulus is
28 x 10^3 ksi.  Coefficient of thermal expansion is also different from
carbon steel (one value reported is 10.3 x 10^-6 in/in/degree F.).

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	Can anyone give me some approximate strengths of 316 Stainless
Steel.  I do
	not have any information on the 316 Stainless (such as a letter

	I mostly need a Yield Strength approximation (Fy) and a Tensile
Strength (Ft)
	or an ultimate yield strength.

	Ron Martin, PE