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Re: cracks repair @ brick walls

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At 01:45 PM 9/25/98 -0700, you wrote:
>How to repair the diagonal cracks @ 9" thick, color red (no paint),
>multiwythe (filled withe solid grout) brick walls?
>1. Epoxy injection w/ SIKADUR 35 HI-MOD LV? Can the sealant be removed
>after the injection completely (the Arch. want to keep the original
>surface color, and do not want to paint the walls over to cover the
>stains from sealant) 
>2. Remove the cracked portion within the whole wall (leave the
>existing rebars in place) and replace with new concrete infills &
>veneer at both faces (to match the existing brick)?
>3. Remove the brick at both sides and epoxy injection at grout cracks,
>then fix both surfaces with new veneer to match?

The City of Los Angeles has approved a Pressure Grout Injection system RGA
1-91 in the R Book specifically designed for crack repair of un-reinforced
masonry walls, if this is one.  One must excersize care in creating a
repair which is compatable with the existing f'm.  You may create a bigger
problem by adding an element a great deal stiffer than what may have been a
somewhat ductile wall.  There are some varying schools of thought actually
as to the untested tension value of epoxy in crack repair, but you'll
probably hear more than you care to very shortly.  John Kariotis has some
rather strong opinions, if you'd care to ask him; he can be found through

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