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Re: The Ken Starr Quote from '60 Minutes' is Bogus

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Rlfong(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Dear Bill:
> Thanks for the correction.  I should've checked.
> Wrong Fong in Fremont.

I've done the same thing before.  We still haven't gotten used
to the FACT, that the Internet is as much a trove of trash as
of treasure (hey, fantastic alliteration, don't you think?)

There is for example a bogus quote attributed to Janet Reno
floating about, that wild-eyed conservatives (like me!) have
touted from time to time, before we all found it was a red

Happens to the best of us.

BTW I'd like to get your reaction to the following document,
which I'm showing simply as a link, for propriety's sake:

This is yet another example of the "wheels within wheels" that
is the Clinton Presidency, and the reason I am so irritated
that no one can get beyond the sex in the current crop of

and also, I would respectfully request that you check out
Steven Dunleavy's column in the New York Post tomorrow.  It has
some interesting new developments about an "old" story
affecting our President.  When you read it, please let me know
what you think of it.