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Re: San Andreas Fault

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Dear Mr. Greenlaw:

Please contact Doug Sandy, Deputy Director, Disaster Services for San
Francisco Bay area, and ask the question who conducted the study released by
the Red Cross. There is a chance that, as you have suggested, "a hen in a
barnyard" conducted the study.  Make sure you know the answer before you
travel again to San Francisco. 

If you decide to make a trip to San Francisco you might want to consider (as
you have suggested) wearing a hard hat while crossing the street to prevent
"something alight falling on your head". A feather might kill you also - if
you read the Bible. I would also recommend wearing a life jacket when you
cross a 5 ft wide creek next to your house. You never know - it might suddenly
become another fresh water San Francisco Bay. (Remember the parting and
closing of the Jordan River when the Israelites left Egypt ?).

Contributing more money to the Red Cross is a very noble idea. 

As far as your investments go, I do not want to comment on your private
financial affairs. But I am almost certain that you have never experienced an
earthquake greater than 5.0, therefore (using your own words) there is a great
possibility that "you don't know what you are talking about". If you have
personally experienced an earthquake of magnitude greater than 5.0, I would
like to know "which one". Please let me know at your convenience. 

Your question "Next I wonder what I might do with this knowledge ?" shows the
highest degree of indifference toward an event that might kill thousands of
people. Consequently, I do not expect very much from you ... maybe the best
thing for you to do is to sit in your barn and observe the chickens laying
eggs .. golden eggs, I hope, so you can increase your investments in the
insurance industry stocks. 



P.S.  I am certain that the hen which conducted the earthquake study does not
live in your barn.