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It has always seemed to be to be contradictory to continue the 
reinforcement across crack control or expansion joints.  You put the
movement joint at a location so as to concentrate the movement at that
location then you connect the two sides with a relatively rigid joint.

It seems to me that there are two defendable design methodologies.

1)   Stop all reinforcing at the joints and allow the joint to move.

2)    Run the reinforcement continously and remove the joint.  If you put
sufficient reinforcing in   the masonry then the cracks will be small
enough to be of no concern.  This is the principle applied when they build
reinforced concrete roads  over a thousand feet long. 

Do you have any experimental data availible to say how the joint works with
the continous reinforcement?

Could it be that the reason that there have not been problems with running
the reinforcing through the joints be that the joints were not really

Mark Gilligan S.E.