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RE: UG Ductbank Concrete

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I suggest using 2500 to 3000 psi concrete.  You want it to hold together if
accidentally hit with a backhoe bucket, and it will have strength to bridge
any soft spots in the soil.

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	From:	Canitz, Charles F NAB02
	Sent:	Monday, September 28, 1998 12:33 PM
	To:	'Seaoc'
	Subject:	UG Ductbank Concrete

	In light of the recent discussion regarding lean concrete used for
	replacement of unsuitable in-situ soil, I have a similar question.
	encasing an underground(approx 30" below fin gr) ductbank(2 rows -
each row
	consists of three 2" PVC cdt), what type of concrete is normally
	500 psi? 1000 psi? Note that this work will occur within the

	Thanks in Advance.