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Re: Master and slave joints

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Your original question actually consisted of two parts. One is a 
master-slave and another one was about a diaphragm modeling.

The question about master-slave was answered by several previous posts: 
You artificially constrain several nodes to the same displacements and 
rotations as THE MASTER. This is easy to see in a plane frame model. If 
you want to disregard axial deformation of the girder, you can slave the 
right joint to the left one.

When it comes to modeling a diaphragm (as in the floor plate), the 
master-slave term becomes way more cumbersome as you want ALL of your 
joints in the floor plate to "move" together as one rigid plate around 
the center. Then the question becomes which joint should be THE MASTER. 
I am using two programs in my practice STAAD and STRAP. If I remember 
correctly you can do it in STAAD by specifying ALL directions when 
"slaving". I found it by trial and error a few years back. I have admit 
I haven't done it in STAAD for a while as I found it much easier to 
specify it in STRAP. In STRAP I simply select "all nodes with the same 
vertical coordinate" from the menu and take my model in a window and 
STRAP automatically groups all floors in separate diaphragms. But I do 
remember doing it in STAAD - more time but doable.



>Thank you. I received a very good answer. But I have still a doubt. In 
a =
>rigid diaphragm, any point could be the master and the rest, the 
slaves? =
>Have every point in a rigid diaphragm the same translation and 
>Alberto Guida

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