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I am designing a steel stack and am planning on using A588 steel. This was recommended by local fabricators as the proper choice. Has anyone out there used this type of steel before for a stack? I am trying to determine the allowable stresses / yield stresses for this type of material at various temperatures. The tensile strength is 70 ksi and the yield point is 50 ksi. We are operating below 600 deg F and likely the temperature will have little effect, however, I just want to make sure that all assumptions made are accurate. Operating temperature is in range of 400 deg F.

1.	Is yield unaffected?
2.	What is the effect on E (mod of elast)?
3.	Does a joint efficiency of 0.7 make sense?

David Handy, P.Eng
The Thompson Rosemount Group
Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA
The preceding was an off the record personal opinion only! (cya)