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Couldn't find a listing for SA-588 in the ASME BPV Code, Table UCS.
Weathering steel sounds like a good choice unless you have something nasty
going up the stack.  Are you sure about those temperatures?  They don't
sound very high for a stack.  Joint efficiency of 0.70 is consistent w/ the
BPV Code, Section UW, for a double-welded butt joint w/o radiographic
inspection; you could improve it to 0.85 w/ just spot inspection.  On the
other hand, ASME shows efficiency drops to 0.60 for single-welded butt
joints and as low as 0.50 for fillet welded lap joints.  Hope this helps a

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	From:	Dave Handy [SMTP:dhandy(--nospam--at)]
	Sent:	Tuesday, September 29, 1998 11:18 AM
	Subject:	A 588 STEEL / STACK DESIGN

	I am designing a steel stack and am planning on using A588 steel.
This was recommended by local fabricators as the proper choice. Has anyone
out there used this type of steel before for a stack? I am trying to
determine the allowable stresses / yield stresses for this type of material
at various temperatures. The tensile strength is 70 ksi and the yield point
is 50 ksi. We are operating below 600 deg F and likely the temperature will
have little effect, however, I just want to make sure that all assumptions
made are accurate. Operating temperature is in range of 400 deg F.

	1.	Is yield unaffected?
	2.	What is the effect on E (mod of elast)?
	3.	Does a joint efficiency of 0.7 make sense?

	David Handy, P.Eng
	The Thompson Rosemount Group
	Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA
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