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>According to ASME STS-1-1992, Steel Stacks, ASTM A 588 is an appropriate
>material for stacks.  

>A temperature of 650 degrees F (343 degrees C) is listed as the maximum
>temperature for carbon steel without stress reductions.  I would presume
>that the E should not be effected at this low of temperature.
For cultural value, the ASME Pressure Vessel Code (my source for high 
temp steel properties) shows about a 25% loss in yield strength from room 
temperature to 600F. The ultimate strength isn't affected much at all. 
The elastic modulus for carbon steel (again for ASME Code use) drops from 
29E6 psi at 300F to 27E6 at 500F to 24.5E6 psi at 700F. 

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