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Mechanical Properties of Marble

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Dear Sirs :

We need to design support elements for a marble plate of 330 pounds (Like a
curtain wall). This plate has the form of a trapezoid. The big side is
5.3', the small side is 2.8' and the height is 4.7'.The thickness of the
plate is 1.18". This plate will be separated 4 inches of the wall where the
supports are fixed. This plate stands all alone and our client does not
want the support to be visible. 

                                   |             |  Marble Plate
/|                                 |             |
/|                                 |      _     |
/|                                 | __|  |    |
/|                                           |_ | 
/|                                        _
/|_________________|  | 
/|__________________|    Supports : 3 @ 2' (long side)
/|				    2 @ 2' (short side)

I hope you can see that the support element must not be seen from the
front. Now our problem is to dimension this support element, check if the
marble plate doesn't break when you put it over it and under seismic and
wind load. Supports will be made out steel.

Questions :

1.- We need mechanical properties of marble. Does anybody have this
information ? 
2.- Is there a better way to support the plate ? I mean, a better detail?

Thanks in advance,

Walter Sheen, CE
Lima, Peru