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Mag 7.3 (+) Saratoga Earthquake

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If you are interested in obtaining details regarding the forthcoming San
Andreas fault earthquake (Richter magnitude 7.3 or larger) in the vicinity of
Saratoga (near San Jose, Northern California) as projected by geology
departments of California Institute of Technology and Universities of
California system, please send your EMail request to:


Saratoga vicinity earthquake details that has been requested should be
construed as an earthquake projection, warning and advisory. The possibility
of future earthquakes along faults other than the San Andreas is not a part of
this projection. No time-frame for the Saratoga earthquake is attached to the

The responsibility for the projection, warning and advisory rests, by default,
with the Office of Emergency Services of the State of California (Dr. Richard
Andrews, Director of the Governors Office of Emergency Services) via
California Institute of Technology (Dr. John Stolper, Chairman, Geological and
Planetary Sciences Division), and Universities of California system
(University of California, Berkeley, Dr Barbara Romanowicz, Director,
Seismological Laboratory;   Stanford University, Dr. Stephan Graham, Chairman,
Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences) which developed and
officially published the theories upon which this earthquake projection is

While every effort was made to ensure that the information for earthquake
projection is accurate,  the data upon which the projection is based was
obtained from the United States Geological Survey's (USGS) publications and
USGS officially released documents. No responsibility is accepted for possible
inaccuracies of USGS data. 

The Saratoga vicinity earthquake projection also includes the quake's effects
on communities of San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Palo Alto,
San Mateo, Livermore and San Francisco. 

In addition, the secondary "earthquake mature" localities along the full
length of the San Andreas (from Mendocino to the Mexican border) are also
projected and geographically identified.