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Re: Steel Tanks: Calculating Sloshing Forces

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Another source that you might be able to find is ACI 350-XX - Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures.  Look in Chapter 52.  It must be the latest edition (probably 1998).  The copy I have is actually a "working copy" and I'm not sure that it has been formally published yet.  It appears to be based on "Nuclear Reactors and Earthquakes".

--Kipp Martin

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>Subject: Steel Tanks:  Calculating Sloshing Forces 
>In a designing a circular steel tank with a supported roof (rafters
>supported on a column at the center), there is a mention in the >API and AWWA
>to take into account the forces from the sloshing of the liquid on >the
>column.  But there is no mention of how to calculate these >forces.
>Does anybody have any kind of reference on this materail?