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RE: waterstop2

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This is similar to a waterstop at the base of a wall resulting in a T
intersection.  Generally a starter wall is formed so that the waterstop is
not bent.  You could form up a starter wall that would project into the
intersecting wall about 4 inches.  The waterstop would be placed in the
center of the starter wall.  This would allow placement of the waterstop
without bending it.  It is similar to an inverted shear key.
It is not advisable to bend a waterstop unless it is specifically designed
to be bent.
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Subject: waterstop2

There is a 2" seismic gap between two concrete structures.
And 9" rubber waterstop(3-1/2" embeded in each concrete face)
 is provided vertically at this seismic gap.
But the concrete cover is 2".  So interference is occured at horizontal
reinforcement(#11@12) not vertical reinforcement(#14@9").
Can I bent waterstop to avoid interference with horizontal rebars if we do
not move or relocate the reinforcement in both direction ????????