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RE: waterstop2

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If you bend the waterstop, you would have a 2" x 1.5"  projecting element
which could easily spall off.

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	There is a 2" seismic gap between two concrete structures.
	And 9" rubber waterstop(3-1/2" embeded in each concrete face)
	 is provided vertically at this seismic gap.
	But the concrete cover is 2".  So interference is occured at
horizontal reinforcement(#11@12) not vertical reinforcement(#14@9").
	Can I bent waterstop to avoid interference with horizontal rebars if
we do not move or relocate the reinforcement in both direction ????????
	What method is possible ???
	I hope your advice...
	=> 54" thk. shearwall (Nuclear power plant) 
	=> Horizontal rebars located as outer layer and vertical rebars as
inner layer.
	=>  plan view (section)
	                          $                                   $ : 9"
rubber waterstop
	---------------$----+                             : wall concrete
	                          $                                      :
2" seismic gap
	---------------$-----------------        : shearwall concrete face
	                          $                                      :
2" concrete cover
	===============$=================     = : #11 horizonta rebars
	      o           o            o            o              o : #14
vertical rebars