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Re: footings a beam or a slab?

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Mike Brown wrote: 
> As for the reinforcing in the transverse direction, an argument can be
stating that there is no flexure in this direction (assuming the wall is 
centered on the footing).  To back this argument up, the maximum flexural 
stress occurs at a distance 'd' from the face of the wall ('d' is the depth
the footing to the tensile reinforcing)....The vertical forces from the wall 
are transferred directly to the soil without putting the footing in flexure
the transverse direction.  In other words, there is no tension zone in the 
transverse direction....If anyone does not agree with the above, please 
respond.  < 
I do not agree.  Please read ACI 318-95, Sections 8.7.3, 11.9.1/11.9.3, and 
22.7.5.  Maximum moment is at the face of the wall - or even within the wall 
if it is masonry (22.7.5(b)).  In corbel design, it is clear that tension
to the eccentricity still occurs even when a/d<1.  The footing could be 
designed as plain concrete per Sections 22.2/22.7.  Personally, I always use 
transverse reinforcement and satisfy Section 10.5.4.