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Wall weight in base shear computation

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I was reading an old publication, "Seismic Design Handbook" Edited by Farzad
Naeim, Chp 7, Seismic Design of Floor Diaphragms.  In page 218 he states the

"The weight of the walls parallel to the applied seismic force does not
contribute to the diaphragm shear.  However, in general, they are included
conservatively in the design of concrete floor diaphragms"

I am curious to find out if anyone can comment on whether they also include the
wt of parallel walls in their base shear calculations for a shear wall bldg
with rigid (assume concrete) diaphragm.  If so, is it because of the monolithic
connectivity they assume between the walls and the diaphragm, the relative
stiffness/density of the diaphragm and the walls, or just as an added safety

Thanks in advance.
ed gonzalez

ps. Unrelated: the Wood Fair was enjoyable.  Unfortunately, I did not get to
meet as many list subscribers as I wished.  Maybe next time.