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Re: Wall weight in base shear computation

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ed gonzalez wrote: 
> I was reading an old publication, "Seismic Design Handbook" Edited by
Naeim, Chp 7, Seismic Design of Floor Diaphragms.  In page 218 he states the 
following: "The weight of the walls parallel to the applied seismic force
not contribute to the diaphragm shear.  However, in general, they are
conservatively in the design of concrete floor diaphragms". < 
I would not normally include the weight of the parallel walls in the floor 
diaphragm design, except perhaps as a convenience in adding up total loads
each floor level.  (However, I might consider including it if there is 
significant eccentricity in the shear wall arrangement such that seismic 
forces must be redistributed). 
> I am curious to find out if anyone can comment on whether they also
the wt of parallel walls in their base shear calculations for a shear wall 
bldg with rigid (assume concrete) diaphragm. < 
Yes, I would include the weight in the base shear calculations (and in the 
shear wall design), since the seismic inertia of the shear wall would still 
add to the base shear.