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Re: Questions about Residential design and 1997 UBC

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Rw and residential construction

Use an Rw of 8.  With the increased base shears that the new code requires, your design forces could get to be "overly" conservative, causing some nasty shear walls for relatively small buildings.

Rigid Diaphragm and shearwall stiffness analysis in residential Construction

Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!!!!!!!!  I see a great NEED for some slick software to help out on this issue.  Are you listening Enercalc and others!!!

So my question is, do I need to contact all the owners of wood framed buildings I have designed in the past using flexible plywood diaphragms and tell them that their building may not perform properly in an earthquake?   Where did this provision come from?  I have read many accounts of damage to buildings in the Loma Pietra, Northridge, and Kobe earthquakes, and I never remember seeing an engineer decide that the reason for a failure was that the shear forces distributed themselves into the shear walls in a rigid manner.  I would like some history on this one.  WHERE ARE THE BODIES!!!!!!!!

My 2 cents.